Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to view wifi password that is connecting on your android phone

Even an ordinary every people loves to suffer web with wireless and high speed internet connection such as wifi. People keep forgetting their passwords all the time, but if there's one kind of password that no one bothers to remember it has to be the wifi password. Most people configure/connect wifi networks once, enter the password on all their devices and do not care about it's future use and forget about it completely. After buying a new device or if their guest/friends wants to access the same wifi network on their device too, at that time they realise their fult and starts to curse themselves.

Many friends and blog visitors of this site friquently asked me how to know forgotten wifi password of their device. So today I going to teach about it.

There are different ways to view saved WiFi Password, most of them I have tried this one and got success. Now, I am going to show the process and you need to follow simple steps.

1. First you need to root your phone. Take a risk to root your phone (I simply use Kingo Android Root because it is One Click Root) or if you have problem in rooting you can search it in Google How to root your(model number) phone.

2. After rooting your phone just install WPS Connect App from Google Play Store.
3. Now root access will ask you to allow the permission for WPS Connect. Simply Allow.
4. Then Open WPS Connect App and view Saved Password, You will see image same as above in my post.
* It may not work with all devices or all network.

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