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How to Back Up Data to a USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drives are miniature hard drives that you connect to your computer using a USB port. Typically, the capacity for a Flash drive is between 128MB to 1GB. The larger drives should provide enough storage capacity for you to back up a great deal of data (even more than a CD if your Flash drive is 1GB).However, if the data you want to back up exceeds the limit of the drive, you will need to use an alternate form of external media such as a CD.The instructions outlined here are based on a Windows XP computer. If you have a different version of the Windows operating system, these instructions may not work exactly as they are outlined here. For example, the images of dialog boxes or windows may look slightly different.How to Back Up Data to a USB Flash Drive :1. Insert the Flash drive into a USB port on your computer.2. Click Start in the lower-left corner of the computer's desktop.
3. Click My Computer.4. You should see an icon for the Flash drive in the My Computer window.5. Res…

How to create a colored border around text with HTML

As can be seen a border can be created around any text using HTML and CSS on your web page. In the example below I have surrounded a paragraph (<p></p>) with a red border. This is an example for text surrounded by a red border. This example also has multiple lines. You can use it for your blog article with text surrounded by a red colour. To create the above example the below code was used. <p style="border-style:solid; border-color:#FF0000;"> This is an example for text surrounded by a red border. This example also has multiple lines. You can use it for your blog article with text surrounded by a red colour. </p>In the above code, the style is defining the border style type and border color. The style of the border is how the border will appear on screen. Other types of border styles include dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset, and outset. The border color defines the color you want to use for the border. In the above example, the color co…

Download Free Media Online Blogger Templete

Free Media Online Blogger Template is elegant magazine style blogger template with auto recent post per categories, 3 column blogger template with 4 column footer, automatic featured content, SEO optimized, ads ready, tabview ready, social widget ready, title post for newer an older post ready and this.Template designed for news style blogs. * It is already extracted .xml file so you can upload this templete directy into blogger blog.

Earn money with CashOnAd by listening to ads in your cellphone

Have you ever emagined that it is possible to earn money with your Cell phone ? Well then, your dream or imagination is come to true and real now. I’ve seen many people uses Google AdsSense to accomplish their dream with the help of their blog or website using their product, tallency, expression, writting and idea etc. One of the bad policy of Google is that, Millions of Nepali user uses google's service but it do not allow to use AdSense for Nepali language blogger anymore ! I've faced same problem. I was nepali blogger having more than 500+ nice blog content and 10,000+ regular visitor worldwidely. But AdSense didn't accept my application. I was shocked very much with this kind of bad system. What is this ? We are just for pay to google, not for earn ? You might also have same problem. Right now, I am going to teach you how to earn more eassly than AdSense. Nepali Application Devlopper, had been devloped an strange App called CashOnAd. Its really magic way to earn money t…

Recent Post Gadget by Specific Label | Blogger Widget

Are you searching how to show all your recent specific label posts according to groups, categories, types or labels ? Well then, you’ve come to the right tutorial. I’ve seen people use a LinkList gadget to accomplish this. However this method requires them to individually or munally add each post link to the gadget every time they publish a post with the specified label. Not good. We’re not going to do that, because we have a better, more elegant solution. Once added, the list will update itself automatically after you publish your blog post. The widget takes your blog’s label-specific feed, in JSON format and turn it into a list using Javascript. It is fast loading and manual updating and rearranging.

Now, lets start to add amezing widget for your blog which allow you yo list your specific label post very easily:

1. Firstly copy this widget JavaSprit or HTML code :

<!-- Recent Posts by Label Start -->
<!-- code by -->
<script type="text/javascript&…

एक हप्ते च्याट लब

शनिबार एक ग्रुप च्याटमा भयो हाम्रो भेट,
हेर्दाहेर्दै उत्तिखेरै आयो फ्रेण्ड रिक्वेस्ट ।
आइतबार गरेँ उनलाई फ्रेन्ड लिस्टमा एड,
आफ्नै सम्झी दुबैले साट्यौं मन र पेट ।सोमबार आइडी मागेर स्काइपमा गरें एड,
नंम्बर पाएपछि फोनमा पनि भयो हाम्रो भेट ।
मंगलबार सुरु गरें मैलेनै रोमान्टिक च्याट,
बन्न लाग्यौ हामी एकअर्काको लागि म्याड ।बुधबार लाज पचाएर भनिन् मलाई भेट,
डेट फिक्स हुनै नपाई झुर भैदियो नेट ।
बिहिबार फोन गरेर भनि बाह्र बजे भेट,
पर्यो फसाद मेरो त हिम्मतनै जुरेन सेट !शुक्रबार एकाबिहानै जब मैले खोलें नेट,
लेखेकी रैछे - आई हेट यु इडिएट ।
शनिबार के भो कुन्नि भइन हाम्रो भेट ।
थाहा पाएँ मेरो लव स्टोरी भसकेछ चेट ।