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Colourful facebook unique chat codes

Some facebook chat codes :Chat Codes :1 .Make your Facebook chat alphabet colourful :This is the most interesting and really cool trick that allows you to make your Facebook chat.colourful. If you want to type an alphabet in colour, instead of typing the alphabet, type the code corresponding to the alphabet, as given below:[[107015582669715]] = A
[[116067591741123]] = B
[[115602405121532]] = C
[[112542438763744]] = D
[[115430438474268]] = E
[[109225112442557]] = F
[[111532845537326]] = G
[[111356865552629]] = H
[[109294689102123]] = I
[[126362660720793]] = J
[[116651741681944]] = K
[[115807951764667]] = L
[[106596672714242]] = M
[[108634132504932]] = N
[[116564658357124]] = O
[[111669128857397]] = P
[[107061805996548]] = Q
[[106699962703083]] = R
[[115927268419031]] = S
[[112669162092780]] = T
[[108983579135532]] = U
[[107023745999320]] = V
[[106678406038354]] = W
[[116740548336581]] = X
[[112416755444217]] = Y
[[165724910215]] = ZCODES FOR FACEBOOK CHAT:Face code :[[171108522930776]]…

How to add direct download link into blogger post

Stape 1. Log in your Google AccountStape 2. Go to Blogger Home » Post » Create new post » link » link title and URL » Publish.It means, after loging your google account you will reach yourblog list area. Choose your blog where you are going to add Download link. Now select PostMenu after entering into dashaboard or you can also choose PostMenu from drop option located at righ side of your blog name or title. Choose Post option from Drop Menu.
• After clicking drop menu option you will find this types of menus. Click on Post menu. Stape 3. You will reach Post editor area in your screen.Stape 4. Give suitable title of your post title, label, location etc.Stape 5. Now click on the blue coloured link icon as the image given below : Stape 6. Paste your file's download link in URL field and write title to display (for example : Download) in the "Texts to display" field. Stape 7. Now click "OK" after preparing the post and click on "Publish" button to let …

20 ways to earn money online

Whether you don’t have a job these days, or you’re a housewife who isn’t able to go out and earn for her family or you can be a graduate looking for an internship or just a student who wants to pay for an education. For some, earning money online can be equal to filling the financial gaps or for someone like me having an online job is the career to be in. What you need to get started: • A lot of patience. Earning income online is easy, but earning good amount of money can be challenging sometimes. You have to pay full devotion and attention for it. Some months can be really good and some can be just fine. • You must have some basic knowledge about computer and internet. You can’t have a stable online earning source if you don’t have the basic knowledge to operate a computer or how the internet works. • You must understand English at least at a basic level. It is not necessary to tell that english is international language and it can be familiar worldwide. Having proficiency in English co…

How to lock and unlock your Laptop with Pen Drive

1. Connect your pen drive to your laptop. Press Windows Button and R together. It will open a dialog box. Type diskmgmt.msc and click on "OK" option. Windows will ask you to allow the program to make changes on your computer. You have to select "Yes" option. 2. You will reach Disk Management screen. You need to locate your pen drive here. For that; click on your pen drive name among avilable disk option. Now right click and chose Change Drive letter and paths menu and click on Change. 3. If you find Paths name A you don't need to change if you find that change this path to A: and close the window. 4. Press windows button and R again. Type Syskey in dialog box. 5. Your desktop/laptop will show you Securing the Windows Account. Click on "Update" option. 6. You will reach Startup Key screen. Select Password Startup option. Now enter your desired password and conform it. After that, select Store Startup key on Floppy Disk to lock your laptop with pen drive a…

How to remain blog alive for life time

Just keep this points on your mind forever:1. Keep your post topic relevant to your website/blog subject.2. Remember your targeted market and create contents according to them for best results.3. Keep some solutions for any prospective question from your readers.4. Insert related image, necessary screenshots and web links.5. And finally, put more information about your topic as much as it could be.Never forget, visitors are the life line for your blog. as long as you are posting reader friendly good quality content, your blog will remain alive.

How to upload any file in blogger for public download via google drive

Blogger Blog Service is becoming most popular all over the world. The main feature of this platform is that it is free of hosting. We just need to purchase domain if we need Top Level unique  domain otherwise we can also use free sub-domain ( Well, when we create blog post, sometimes we need to upload data/files for public live review and download. But there is no option to upload files except image and video into blogger blog due to free hosting.
We can take the help of external service like: Cloud Service and another third party service to avoid this problem. It means we can't upload files directly into Blogger server however we can upload data somewhere else and insert the live review code and direct download link with the help of blogger post editor. Sometimes people get confused where to upload files for live review and download. Don’t worry, I am here. I am showing you that how can we easily upload files for Download in Blogger.
There are many ways …

How to write colourful status and comment on facebook

I have facebook account and love to write status and comment on friends' status, too. One Day I wrote a status in my timeline uniquely using different colour instead of facebook defult colour. One of my college friend was impresed very much with my own way of writing status and asked me - how did you do such a amezing job?He made me really laughed. It is not a great deal, now try yourself just add code together with your status !How to write colourful facebook status : Put colour code together with your status. Here is a set of different colour code for facebook status :<+fg=b0ffd700>  golden
<+fg=b0000000> black
<+fg=b0ff7f00> orange
<+fg=b0ffff00> yellow
<+fg=b0ff00ff> light pink
<+fg=b0ff007f> dark pink
<+fg=b0ff0000>  redish pink
<+fg=b0800000> brown
<+fg=b0ffc0cb> light purple
<+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<+fg=b0c0c0c0> grey
<+fg=80ffffff> sky blue
<+fg=b000ffff> light blue
<+fg=b0bf00ff> purple