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How to know facebook tag code and write magic status

Now days facebook magic status has becoming very popular. Whenever a website become very popular and want to secure more then, that particular site using own code and no one can understand easily. Mostly admin of the facebook fan page use this mathod to tag other page together with their status and gets more audience or fan. I love to write status in my facebook wall and page in the same way. Many of my facebook friend and blog reader asked me several time how to do such a mysterious job. Today I am going to tell you how to make your this types of unique status. Actually this magic code is a Facebook script which is only read by Facebook. To create this script you must know your facebook tag code. How to know facebook tag code :You know that, any facebook profile and page has their own individual tag code. There are 2 ways to find a tag code of a page :=> This way only works if you're trying to find the tag code of your own page.• Click on Edit page.
• Next, click Update Info.

Very useful HTML Code Knowledge For Web Beginners

Text Formatting• Headings :Defines an important heading in your text. You can use <h1> to <h6> with the highest number resulting in the smallest font size. code : <h1>Your important heading property</h1>• Aligned Heading :Aligns your heading using a little bit of CSS. You can use “left”, “right”, or “justify” in place of “center” below: code : <h1 style="text-align:center;">Your aligned heading property</h1>• Paragraphs :You can keep your text property as paragraph according to your need and you can also separate them using <p> and </p> tag.code : <p> Write Your paragraph text property here that you desired to keep in one paragraph </p>• Aligned Paragraph :You can use “left”, “right”, or “justify” in place of “center” below. It will make your content nice looks.code : <p style="text-align:center">Write here your paragraph text property to make aligned at appropriate place or replace as you wish…

How to make attractive download botton with own image

Many new blogger asked me various question related with this post :a) How to add link into blogger image ?
b) How to link url into blogger photo ?
c) How to make my download botton with my own image ?
d) How to know html code of my image that was published as draft post into my blogger.
e) How to put download link into image ?Questions are different but solution are same. Now read this trick :Blogger is free and user friendly bloging service. Most of the blog user uses it's service because it links easily to all other Google tools such as AdSenseand Analytics, and generally makes blog a bit easy and SEO friendly. Some people host their blog domain to another hosting service and moves into blogger DSN and some of them uses it's sub-domain ( without hosting. But one of the negetive side of blogger is that it do not provide any web space for store file except image and video. We have to upload file somewhere into the internet and we can use it as direct link together …