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How to remove “Powered by Blogger” Attribution Widget ?

Many new blogger asked me several time How to remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Widget from their blogger Blogger? Well, this is not a so difficult that you can do yourself changing some CSS code. Generally maximum numbers of user host their blog into blogger's free server and later they feel really irritate because of it's unremoveable "Powered by Blogger" widget. It do not allow their blog look like professional that's the reason why they wants to remove it. Blogger credit link Layout remove option is disable by default in all blogger templates. However, you can remove this widget by yourself.

How to remove “Powered by Blogger” credit link widget :

Go your Blogger Account and choose that blog you want to remove the attribute widget.

Now Go to Template >> HTML >> Jump to Widget << option >> click on it and choose Attribution1 widget and it will point to that line.

Now Press CTRL+F and Search
for this below line :

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Nelumno nucifera open flower [Botanic Garden Adelaide2]

How to control data lost on facebook

Many new facebook user frequently asked me how to control data lost on facebook. Well, if you are using Smart Phone, some application may start automatically after running operating system. At first you should close them.Now you can control how much data Facebook uses and how fast it loads by adjusting how many photos you want to see. To do this:1. Click Settings & Privacy at the bottom of the screen2. Click General 3. Click Edit next to Data Usage 4. Choose Less, Normal or More and click Save * Here's how each setting works : • Less : Facebook won't show any photos
• Normal : Facebook will show all photos in low quality
• More : Facebook will show all photos in high quality If your setting is on Normal or More, but your photos are showing as black boxes, empty boxes or broken images.

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How to view wifi password that is connecting on your android phone

Even an ordinary every people loves to suffer web with wireless and high speed internet connection such as wifi. People keep forgetting their passwords all the time, but if there's one kind of password that no one bothers to remember it has to be the wifi password. Most people configure/connect wifi networks once, enter the password on all their devices and do not care about it's future use and forget about it completely. After buying a new device or if their guest/friends wants to access the same wifi network on their device too, at that time they realise their fult and starts to curse themselves.
Many friends and blog visitors of this site friquently asked me how to know forgotten wifi password of their device. So today I going to teach about it.

There are different ways to view saved WiFi Password, most of them I have tried this one and got success. Now, I am going to show the process and you need to follow simple steps.

1. First you need to root your phone. Take a risk to …

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HSEB Note | मधु मालतीको कथा | कथा | मुख्य भाव

HSEB note : Subject Compulsory Nepali
मधुमालतीकोकथा : मुख्य भाव: कथाकार रमेशविकलप्रगतिशील कथाकार हुन् । बिपन्न वर्गप्रति सहानुभूति प्रकट गर्दै सामन्ती वर्गको शोषणअन्याय अत्याचारलाई विद्रोह गर्ने कथाकार विकलका कथामागरिबजनजीवनकासमस्या बाध्यता र विवशतालाई व्यक्त गरिएको पाइन्छ । काठमाडौँ वरिपरिको परिवेशलाई कथामा व्यक्त गर्ने कथाकार विकलका कथामा वर्गीय द्वन्द, असमानता, अन्धविस्वास जस्ता विषयलाई प्रमुखताका साथ प्रस्तुत गरिएको पाइन्छ । सामाजिक यथार्थको धरातलमा बालमानोविज्ञानलाइ प्रस्तुत गरिएको यस मधु मालतीको कथामा वर्गीय विभेद, जातीय असमानता र बाल मस्तिस्कलाई प्रस्तुत गरिएको छ । नेपाली समाजमा विद्यामान वर्गभेदको अवस्थालाई कथामा शंकर र गौरीको परिवार बाट प्रस्तुत गरिएको छ । विपन्न वर्गीय समाजको मर्म र वेदनालाई मार्मिक रुपमा प्रस्तुत गरिएको यस कथामा बाल मनको सुक्ष्म विस्लेषण गरिएको छ । अवोध बालसंसारमा बाधक भएर उभिने समाजको विभेद पूर्ण संरचना प्रति कथाकार आक्रोशित पनि भएका बुझिन्छ । उच्च वर्गीय समाजको दमनकारी मनोवृत्ति कथामा प्रस्तुत गर्दै लोक कथाको पृष्ठभूमिमा नेपाली समाजको भेदभावपूर्ण अवस्थाल…

HSEB Note | The Recurring Dream | Story | Summary

The Recurring Dream (A story from England) : Class XI
The story starts with a description of Kimberly Clark, the protagonist of the story, who is twenty five years old with all qualities of a normal young woman. She is pretty, she loves to dance, and she has many friends and a good position in the office of a large company. Despite these all, she has a problem. She has been troubled by a strange and mysterious dream that haunts her every night. The strange dream always begins on a country road. Kim stands on this road and sees a lane with a white fence and a hedge on each side. At the end of the lane, on the top of a little hill, she sees a small white cottage with green shutters. Then she walks up the lane to the house, goes in and looks around. In one of the rooms, she finds a man asleep in bed. He is a little old man with white hair and a white heard. When she comes near his bed, the man wakes up. Then he sits up and looks at her. When she tries to speak to him, she wakes up. She …

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Guys do you believe me, I have founded such types of funny root...

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