Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Create Blogger Page and How to Keep Labels and Page on Menu Bar

Adding pages is a great way to organize your blog to make important information easily accessible to your readers. Many Blogs uses several types of navigation bars:  a navigation bar with simple text links, a navigation bar with custom buttons and navigation bar with drop-down menu. These types of navigation bars gives your blog nice and unique looks. However, you may just want the basic, non-customized Blogger navigation bar, so today we are sharing a tutorial that explains how to get pages and a basic navigation bar added to your Blogger blog all on your own!

How to create Page on Blogger

  • Go to your Blogger Home and choose Page option from scroll down (drop) menu.
See demo image

  • Now click or select on New Page and Give Title of the page and insert body part i.e. Text, Image or whatever you want to keep inside it.

See demo image
See demo image
  • Now Save your page. Now you can see the list of your page.

How to add Page to your Blogger Header that you have created

  • Go to your Blogger Layout >> click on Add Gadget >> Page

* Note: If you want your navigation bar placed on your sidebar, click on “Add a Gadget” in the sidebar space.

Click on Add Gadget icon
Click on Pages + icon
Select Pages that you want add as menu

How to add Labels to blogger navigation as menu bar

  • Click on Add link page icon.

  • Now on the first box, write the Title you want to appear in the navigation bar. In the Web address (URL) box, insert the label. Then click “Save.”

* note : you have to join your label name adding %20 after first letter in order to link them otherwise link will not work. For example, If your label name is live video you should make your label link like this : http://www.yourblogadress.com/search/label/live%20video. similarly, if your link is in capital letter like Live Video you must make your linklike this :

See demo image

Happy Blogging !

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Download Mp3 of Watch Video of Dashain Song Yo Dashaima Yastai Bho

Title : Yo Dashaima Yastai Bho
Vocal : Suran Pariyar & Rejina Pariyar
PRBT : 60458097
Music Company : Himsamjauta Digital

Download Mp3 music

Dashain Wishing Gift Cards

Download Free Collection Dashain Wishes Online Gift Card and Share With Your Friends, Relative and Special Person......

eCard : 1

eCard : 2

eCard : 3

eCard : 4 
eCard : 5
eCard : 6
eCard : 7

Tika and Jamara of Dashain : Image

Tika and Jamara : Photo 1
Tika and Jamara : Photo 2
Tika and Jamara : Photo 3

Tika and Jamara : Photo 4

Tika and Jamara : Photo 5
Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese people throughout the globe. It is also celebrated by many Hindus elsewhere. It is the longest and most anticipated festival in Nepal. People return from all parts of the world, as well as different parts of the country, to celebrate together. All government offices, educational institutions and other offices remain closed during the festival period.The festival falls in September or October, starting from the shukla paksha (bright lunar fortnight) of the month of Ashvin and ending on purnima, the full moon. Among the fifteen days on which it is celebrated, the most important days are the first, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth.

Top 10 Best Paid File Sharing Site

After more than 3 month, I removed adsense and made my site multi-proposes like; Music store, Video store, eBook store and Photo Gallery too and I made some pocket money without ads. Many of blog reader asked me several times what is the main propose of doing that. I was unable to reply them due to having bachelor final exam. But now I'm almost free. Well, I did like that with the help of file sharing site. It's about some file hosting sites still successfully stand out on internet after showdown and serving over millions of daily users people making money online when you don't need any website or blog. But it's highly suggested you must have social media networks and connections with people to expedite your earnings.

               Nowadays most of the File Hosting sites allow users to download large files without charge, but there is also a huge incentive for uploaders to provide the files. File Hosting sites pay you money per file that’s downloaded from you! There are a few file sharing sites that do actually pay you for your documents and files. You can actually get paid to upload documents, music, eBooks, photos, wallpapers, videos and other files. If you simply upload your files, people will download your files and they pay you for sharing your files to other peoples.

1. DocStoc.COM


Docstoc is yet considered to be the best file hosting and sharing website on internet allowing users to upload document types of doc, xls, ppt, pdf, rtf, txt, docx, xlsx and ppts format. You can sell your documents on the Doctstoc marketplace and generate revenue on Adsense ads. Docstoc is an Adsense publisher program so any user can make money by maintaining an existing adsense account or creating a new adsense account with Docstoc.com but Docstoc will charge 50% of revenue from your generated income

2. Depositfiles.com


Depositfiles.com is one of the highly trusted file uploading, sharing and revenue growing sites. They allow you to upload any type of file like exe, mp3, mpeg, avi, rar, zip, jpeg, application, games, documents etc. You will get $5.00 by just signing up there. The site pays you $25 per 1000 downloadsAccording to Scamadviser.com "A site like may have a high trust rating, it's worth just checking the countries involved as these could indicate that goods would be shipped from abroad rather than your home country." You just need to sign up for free and start making money by sharing your favorite files online. The minimum payout is $10

3. Uploading.com


Uploading.com is almost a popular file hosting site which helps you monetize your files and generate revenue on the basis of Pay Per Download method. You can upload files using your smartphone and grow revenue where ever you are. Uploading.com pays you generally $1-$100 depending upon the file’s popularity and size. You can also join their reseller program to achieve 20% to 30% income on sales.

4. Ziddu.com


Ziddu is called the leader of emerging markets under all other file uploading and sharing websites on internet. They have only achieved this reward because of their strong online presence and unique services to all kinds of users, clients and customers. Ziddu is one of the oldest and best file sharing websites and amongst all of the features they're being focused on neither restrictions on downloads or any other factors. On each download you will be paid $0.001 from any country, minimum payment is $10 with payment thresholds of Paypal, Moneybookers only.

5. TurboBit.NET


Another popular file hosting site with flexibility of business model and payment system. By joining TurboBit you can earn up to $20 per 1000 downloads. They even pays you for incomplete downloads. TurboBit is having a very low payout of  $10 and it can pay you three times a week. Copied and distribute files from different IPs will pay you 90% of revenue but for your uploads you will receive 10% of revenue from each copied file.

6. FileFactory.COM


FileFactory comes with a giant storage to upload files in different formats. You will get a storage space of around 500GB+unlimited file bandwidth. You will get direct downloading link, organize files & folders, and widely distribute the download links on social media, blogs, forums to generate revenue. It pays you around $15 per 1000 downloads and 20% of its membership sales by your referral links.

7. Uploaded.net


 #171 website rank worldwide. They provide a highly secured, flexible and fastest file uploading service and host them securely. They are being featured with Google App to browse and upload your file directly from your android device. You can make a handsome income by reflink. Once you signed up, you will be provided a personal reflink (short of referral link). You need to publicize it on your blog, social media, forums and commenting and you will earn 75% for the first sale and the 65% onwards.

8. Crocko.com


Crocko.com is another reliable file hosting and sharing website that pays you with a rate of $1 per 500 downloads. They are very much smart in their services such that hosting unlimited files as there is no limit of storage space or number of files. Also this company deletes dead or inactive files that are older more than 60 days.

9. Easy-Share.com


Easy-Share provides you an easy way to earn money through 2 affiliate programs. One is pay per download and other is revenue sharing program. You can choose the best alternative which you like and proceed to work. Easy share gives you upto $0.002 per download. Minimum payout $10 with available payment method PayPal, Alertpay, Web money, wire transfer, ePassporte and direct bank transfer. Referral commission is 20%.

10. Rapidgator.net

It is also the highest paying site, you can get up to $35 per 1000 downloads. Its Affiliate program provide you 20% extra earnings. Its minimum payout is $20 and payment can be proceeding through PayPal and Web money.

Higher Order Recommendations :

Here are top 10 lists of file hosting sites you can use to host your files and make money by sharing them and  grow revenue when users will download files using your link. These sites have higher rating on internet according to usability growth and visitors polls. You can use any of these platforms to host your valuable files and grow reasonable income. Before working with any site me highly recommend you to check some reviews and get real time experiences from previous and current users on site's forums and other Q & A sites. Wish you all success online income.

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