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26 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

So you are search for blogging tips for new bloggers and if you are indeed new to this blogging world then let me tell you it’s great hobby and blogging can make you handsome amount of money if you do it consistently, proper planning and smartly, For new bloggers who just stepped into this blogging field must know that blogging is no rocket science it’s just a online journal where you write what you like and want to put your words across the world so that people will read your experience and learn something new So do stress out if you are new blogger and have never done before. Seriously when I started blogging I was not knowing anything about it and SEO believe me and now my blog posts ranks very good in search engines So you will learn as you keep on writing and learning new things

1) Think about the topic – This is the first step to start your blogging journey without doing this you cannot proceed further, ask yourself the question what are the thinks you like the most, on which topics will you keep on talking for long, what are your specialization and what special skills you have which might be beneficial for others and just pick the best topic for your blog.

2) Target a niche – Again this is most important blogging tips for new bloggers that you must target a specific niche or most probably a niche in niche for example suppose you love dancing and have lots of new tips and steps which your readers might love so don’t just start blogging about dancing instead choose a specific dance style like hip hop dance, freestyle dance, folk dance, jazz etc By doing this you are stating yourself as authority in you niche and people will really start following your blog and you will get more readers and good rankings in search engine for that niche and higher rankings means more traffic

3) Blogging Platform – Now again this is the thing where new bloggers get confused and they really don’t know about different blogging platforms available like blogger, wordpress, typepad, joomla, tumblr etc but I will suggest you to go for self hosted wordpress blog because you will have full control over your blog but if are just trying and testing your blogging skills then blogger is the best platforms for new bloggers to start exploring their blogging skills
4) Theme or Design – A good professional theme and design will make your blog stand out and your readers will seriously love your blog, for wordpress you can buy themes from themeforest but there are many free wordpress themes which you can download from but don’t put lots of money and stress in selecting a theme during initial phase a nice looking and clean theme will do the trick
5) Start Blogging – I have seen many new bloggers who just purchase a domain name and install wordpress also but wait for the best time to start blogging believe me that you will never be ready and will make excuses that from next week or next month onwards I will start blogging, Guys time is precious and it runs out fairly quickly So start now no matter you write 1 post today it’s great just start blogging and you will definitely gain momentum as your blog starts to get traffic
6) Lots of Content – I am damm sure that you must have heard about this term that “Content is king” and surely it is, in order to become a successful blogger your blog must be full of content and search engine love blogs which have good amount of content
7) Quality Content – Being said above that “content is king” then ” quality is queen” and they cannot live without each other in other words you must write quality content for your blogA good combination of quantity and quality will make your blog popular in short amount of time
8) Solve Problems – Instead of writing crappy articles to just fill your blog archive focus on finding solutions of people problems and write about their problems and how they can solve them and guys this is the biggest secret for making a successful blog, If you readers will get the solutions to their problems then they will really appreciate your advice and will be very thankful and they will turn into loyal readers
9) Blogging Frequency  – how many times in a week you must blog? or how many blog posts to do in month? well forget about all this there is not exact numbers to this, you must choose the blogging frequency in which you are comfortable and will regularly do blog posts like say it doesn’t really matter if you do 7 posts in a week or 1 post per week what’s important here is that you must stick to your blogging schedules So that your readers will know when they will most probably find new content for reading
10) Avoid On an off Blogging  – Like I mentioned in previous point that you must regularly do blog posts for your blog and don’t just do 10 post on 1 day and disappear to write no more posts so your readers will get annoyed and they will find other sources and blogs to get the required information and there is no bloggers in this world who would let their readers go like that and make your blog stick like a magnet to your readers so that they get addicted to regularly visit your blog and the best way to do this is regularly write awesome blog posts
11) Reading – The more you read the more you will learn various blogging tips and tricks and one of the best way is to regularly visit popular blogs in your niche to read what they are talking about and what buzz is going in you topic
12) Think as Beginner Blogger – Even if you are grown yourself as blogger think what problems new bloggers must be facing so write article about that problems and by this way can definitely boost your readership
13) Improve writing skills – Don’t don’t require to become a specialized writer to start writing on your blog in fact you have to write in your own style however it’s not bad if you can just improvise your writing skills so that people will love your blog and you can read famous blog like copyblogger to get some content writing tips.
14) Ask Readers – It’s not like you just have to find the topic and problems yourself but you can always ask questions to your readers and you will not believe that how many questions they will put in front of you and by this way you can develop a great community around your blog
15 ) Social media – Make use of big social media sites like facebook, twitter and google plus to spread a word about your latest blog posts by sharing them by this way you will attract more traffic to your blogs
16 ) Follow Experts – Let me tell you that no body is born being an expert but they gradually became experts in their fields by constantly learning new things and doing various kinds of experiments So just take a closer look at some of the big bloggers in your niche and make a note of how they started, what mistakes they did in past so that you don’t have to go through all the same and this will save lots of your energy and time
17) Blogger’s Block – What’s that huh? Blogger’s block is a situation when you don’t have any topics or ideas to write about then in this case you don’t have to panic just visit other blog and communities or set up a google news alert to know about the hot topic which are going around
18 ) Learn Basic SEO – SEO is the heart and soul to get higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing and without learning SEO you cannot get good rankings in search results
19 ) Install SEO Plugins – In WordPress you have lot’s of plugins to save quite a lot of your headaches and you can customize your blog in the way you want
20 ) Avoid Duplicate content –  Being said that earlier that content is king that doesn’t mean you should copy other bloggers articles and paste in your blog this is only increase your risk from getting banned from Google and other major search engines
21) Original Blog posts – You must write original blog posts not scrapped content from other blogs and websites and now a days Google have become very smart and they can easily find which content is original and which are duplicate, and I know every blogger must have done this mistake during initial days of their blogging but only until they came to know that in order to make a successful blog you cannot steal other people contents
22) Topic Research – Before you write a blog post do properly research about the topic because there is not point in writing 50 words blog posts which never clear the point and if you do your homework well then surely you write more in depth articles and Google love in depth articles such as guides and tutorials
23) No Money – I know that every one need to get rewarded for the time they spend on anything but in blogging you cannot expect to make millions of dollars overnight, well you may have read various overnight success stories online but they all started from 0 and hitting the gears up on wards So during the first 6 months just focus on writing more on your blog and later on you can surely monetize your blog to make money
24) Be Dedicated – If you want to make a successful blog then you must show 100%  dedication toward blogging without this you will find it hard to grow your blog to the level which you always dreamed off
25 ) Have Patience – This is the habit which you need to develop specially for new bloggers they really get impatience when they see things not working as they intended, It takes time to increase rankings, increase readership and most importantly making money from your blogs
26) Never Give Up – Last but not the least that you must never give up and quit blogging, I know it’s hard to resist and keep on blogging if you are not getting the desired outcome but believe me that once you get passed the first 6 months then you will not even think of quitting blogging because you will fall in love for this and you will not be able to refrain yourself from blogging
So friends these were our best 26 blogging tips for new bloggers, and we are sure that if you will follow all the above beginner blogging tips then surely you will end up becoming a successful blogger, still you have questions then definitely you can ask me via comments, subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks and last but not the least keep Blogging !

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Babu, Aama ra Chhora | Nepali Novel | Audio Book

Babu Aama Ra Chora is written by B.P Koirala. Babu Aama Ra Chora is famous Nepali Novel of the contemporary literature and this novel is about the three character Babu means father, Aama means Mother and Chora means Son. The story has twist, and the novel gets hair pin turn and circulate on the family. You can listen Nepali Novel Babu Aama Ra Chora from the Radio program Shruti Sambeg with Achyut Ghimire.

Episode 1 : Download

Episode 2 : Download

Episode 3 : Download

Episode 4 : Download

Episode 4 : Download

Episode 6 : Download

Episode 7 : Download

Episode 8 : Download

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Mhi Theba | Gurung Movie | Watch Online

Artist: Subash Gurung, Sunita Gurung, Khem Gurung, Raju Gurung, Krishna Gurung etc.
Director: Pritam Gurung
Musician: Durga Gurung
Producer: Roshani Gurung

Rego Rego | Gurung Movie | Watch Online

Starring: Pritam Gurung, Aakriti Gurung, Sunita Gurung, Shushila Thapa Magar, Bhairam Shrestha
Producer/Director: Pritam Gurung

Presyo | Gurung Movie | Watch Online

Movie : Presyo (Dulahi) [प्रेस्यो]
Language : Gurung
Music : Dhan Bahadur Gurung,Tejendra Gurung
Camera/Edit : Jit Man Gurung
Director: Late Lok Bahadur Gurung and Bed Bahadur Gurung (Shyam)
Starting : Om Prakash Gurung,Nabina Gurung, Sabina Gurung, Mira Gurung, Bal Bahadur Gurung

Kashi | Gurung Full Movie | Watch Online

Artist: Krishna Gurung, Krishna Kumari Gurung, Subash Gurung, Kamala Gurung, Manju Ghale, Bijay Ghale, Resham Gurung
Musician: Durga Gurung
Producer: Mahesh Gurung
Director: Pritam Gurung

Ma Timro Bhaisake | Nepali Full Movie | Watch Online

Ma Timro Bhaisake is the story of a love that lasts forever, Jeevan, a thug with a heart of gold, falls madly in love with Shristi, a spirited young woman. He persists with his charm to win her heart. But, just when they find each other, fate tears them asunder. Ten years later, Jeevan and his best friend Prabhu are forced to take care of a not-so-sweet little boy, Mridul. As the two men try to keep up with the demands of the spoilt little brat, the stories of their lives interwine: as new truths are confronted, the old lives unravel. Ma Timro Bhaisake is a full on family entertainment with beautiful songs, majestic scenes from around Dharan, an emotional story that will hold your attention with its emotional ups and downs.

Released date : 2012
Running time : 2:10:25
Language : Nepali
Actors : Jiwan Luitel, Richa Singh Thakuri, Ayub K.C , Ramkrishna Bajgain, Pratistha Prasai​, Child Artist Bigyan Sapkota
Director : Bikash Acharya
Producer : Pradeep Dahal
Writer : Bikash Acharya

Kasle Choryo Mero Maan | Nepali Full Movie | Watch Online

Adi (Aaryan Sigdel) and Manavi (Rekha Thapa) are two pure souls who find each other one beautiful night in Kathmandu, and become bonded for life. But Princess Manavi's ruthless father, and Adi's equally ruthless poverty, continuously conspire to tear asunder the bond of love between Adi and Manavi.

Released date : 2014
Running time 2:38:54
Language : Nepali
Actors : Aaryan Sigdel, Rekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwada, B.S Rana,
Kamal Krishan, Nir Shah
Director : Shabir Shrestha
Producer : Dijendra Shakya, Chhabi Raj Ojha
Writer : Pradeep Bhardwaj

Bato Muniko Phool | Nepali Full Movie | Watch Online

Bato Muniko Phool, directed by Suraj Subba 'Nalbo,' is a tender love story built around the age old problem of caste and untouchability that persists in the Hindu society of Nepal. It also marks the acting début of popular singers Yash Kumar as Suresh and Babu Bogati as Kanchha, starring opposite the popular, charismatic Rekha Thapa as Gurans, and the heartbreakingly beautiful Nandita KC as Tulasi. Suresh and Gurans have always loved each other, but the deep division of caste separates them. Kanchha loves Tulasi with all of his heart, but Tulasi can't imagine marrying Kanchha, who is even a lower caste and untouchable. Complete with soulful, meaningful melodies by the singer-actors, Bato Muniko Phool contains messages on difficult contemporary issues, while still telling a love story with a timeless appeal. Watch out for our very own superstar Rajesh Hamal in a hard-hitting special appearance.

Release date : 2010
Running time : 2:17:13
Language : Nepali
Actors : Yash Kumar, Rekha Thapa, Babu Bogati, Nandita K.C, Arun Regmi, Shubhadra Adhikari and Rajesh Hamal
Directors : Suraj Subba, "Nalbo"
Producers : Rajesh Ghatani, Achyut Shrestha & Birendra Yadav (Aftav)
Writer : Yash Kumar

Kaha Bhetiyela | Nepali Full Movie | Watch Online

Movie : "Kaha Bhetiyela"
Starring : Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta Khadka, Mithila Sharma, Nir Shah, Sushila Rayamajhi, Birendra Hamal, Rabi Giri etc.
Writer/Director – Shiva Regmi

Gorkha Paltan | Full Nepali Movie | Watch Online

Gorkha Paltan tells the story of a young man who is deeply in love with his newly wife but no sooner has he exchanged vows of happy life together he has to join the army, leaving his beloved wife. The film not only tells the story of various ups and downs faced by the two lovers, Gorkha paltan is also a film about the brave Gorkha soldiers, its brings out the feelings love and patriotism towards the motherland.
People's hearthrob Prasant Tamag acting as a main lead is another highlight of the movie. There's no doubt that with his charm and natural acting skills, he will re-enter people's heart one more time.

Movie : Gorkha Paltan
Language : Nepali
Starring : Prashant Tamang, Gopal Thapa, Sonia KC, Vinaya Lama etc.
Direction/Writer : Narayan Rayamajhi

Fitkiri | Full Nepali Movie | Watch Online

Jeevan Jung Thapa (Saugat Malla) is a loyal and hard-working police inspector. His life turns upside down when he finds himself trapped in between a brain-twisting case and road construction problems. In search of the man behind the kidnapping of a merchant, he eventually uncovers more clues to the case. Desperate to solve the case in order to gain promotion and live a happy life, he is left with nothing but his house which is marked for demolition, a worried wife and kid, and all the anger needed to solve the cliff-hanging case. The film depicts the increasing traffic problems along with increasing number of crimes of Kathmandu.

Release date : 2014
Running time : 2:28:02
Language : Nepali
Actors : Saugat Mall, Diya Maskey,
Nischal Basnet, Anup Baral Dhirendra Premarshi, Bikram Pariyar
Director : Anup Baral
Producers :
Arjun Kumar, Sumit Mainali
Writer : Yangesh

The Very simple SEO Checklist

There's a post in this blog called the starter for ten post. It's a simple SEO checklist. However in the spirit of our plain English approach here's another take on this old favourite using what and why.
On page analysis from the top down:
  1. What? - Make sure your title element (tag) describes the page and uses keywords. Every page needs its own title tag, site wide title tags are a bad idea. Remember Google will display 66 (although I've seen 70) characters and Yahoo 120 characters.
    Why? - The text in the title tag is used by search engines for indexing your page. It's also used in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as the text in the link that links to your page. Make your title tag something worth clicking. More on title tags.
  2. What? - Make your URL's human readable or Search Engine Friendly (SEF).
    Why? - Making your URL's human readable means they can help to describe the page and use keywords. Keywords in URL's can help you rank for a keyword or phrase.
  3. What? - Describe your page in the meta description element (tag). Google will display 160 characters. These elements should be unique for each page!
    Why? - The text snippet displayed in the SERPs under the blue link text can either be taken from the page (by the search engine spider) or from the meta description. If you write good meta descriptions and Google's spiders use them you can be in control of the words that appear in the SERPs. Google will highlight keywords that match the search and this could mean the difference between getting a click and not getting a click.
  4. What? - Use the meta keywords element (tag) for important keywords. Only add keywords that describe the page, don't add unrelated keywords.
    Why? - Although Google doesn't use the meta keywords information other search engines do.
  5. What? - Use a CSS based design and adopt web design best practices for styling your page.
    Why? - Search engine spiders don't see what users see. They have to parse all the code that makes up a page including all your HTML. Make it easier for them.
  6. What? - Make sure your page content is correctly tagged. For example if you have a main header make it an H1.
    Why? - By tagging your content you are providing the search engine spiders with a clue about what's important on the page and what isn't so important.
  7. What? - Create an XML Sitemap and feed it into GoogleYahoo and Live.
    Why? - To make sure the search engines can find all your pages.
  8. What? - Use Google Analytics or something like Clicky.
    Why? - So you can measure and see what's working and what's not.
  9. What? - Sort out any canonical issues.
    Why? - So there is only one version of each of your sites web pages.
Obviously there is a lot more to SEO than is shown in this simple check list but if you follow this advice you WILL see an improvement in your site's performance.

SEO Advice - Essential Impartial SEO Advice

SEO is much misunderstood and very much mis-sold so you need to know what you are buying and why before doing anything. After reading this you will be able to decide if an SEO company are offering a genuine service or taking you for a ride. For starters read this fun and novel SEO explained page.

First Things First, What Is SEO?

SEO is simply any work carried out to increase the number and more importantly the quality of visitors to your website by making sure the website ranks in the search engines (Google etc.) for words and phrases related to what you are selling. If you sell car insurance then you want to be on page 1 of Google, preferably number 1, when someone types in car insurance. Simple.

How Do You Start SEO?

You research what words and phrases people use to buy the products and services you are selling, this is known as keyword research. The purpose of this it to make sure your pages are optimised for relevant words and phrases. It's worth noting, just because lots of people use a particular phrase doesn't mean you should optimise for it, if the competition for the phrase is tough (lots of other established sites are chasing the phrase) then you might be better chasing other less competitive phrases.

OK, I Get That, What Next?

Next you optimise your pages using the words and phrases you found. There are certain elements of a web page (title, meta, headers) that search engines focus on and these need to be set-up correctly.

Is That It?

Sadly not, because anyone can carry out keyword research and optimise their pages there are loads of well optimised pages about any given subject so Google needs a way of deciding which ones are best. It does this by measuring the number and quality of the links to your pages from pages on other websites.

How Do I Do Link Building?

We've written a long article on SEO link building techniques and we'd advise reading it. In summary there are two approaches to link building. You can buy them, which is against Google's guidelines or earn them, our preferred method.

What Do I Need to Watch For When Buying SEO?

We'd advise avoiding companies who guarantee specific rankings such as page 1 or in some cases number 1. Nobody can guarantee a ranking unless they are using techniques that could get you banned from the search engines, which isn't ideal.
We'd also avoid companies offering SEO for a low monthly fee such as £99.00 or lower. What could they possibly be doing for £99 except taking your money and using some automated software.

Do You Guys Sell SEO?

Hell yes but we don't do the dodgy stuff and we are not cheap, cheap SEO is a waste of time and money. We help our clients create sites that will last and add value to their businesses. We sell search engine optimisation (SEO) services. SEO isn't scary and if you follow the basics of SEO you will see an improvement in your search engine rankings, guaranteed.

And Finally...

SEO can get your head in a spin. Like many things in life there are lots of different opinions on what works and what doesn't. Although there may be some magical formulae kicking around - doubtful - one thing is for sure, if you get your basic site structure and on page tagging right you will be on track for search engine success.
We make a living building search engine friendly websites and we also reverse engineer other sites in order to get them performing better in the search engines.
Doing nothing and hoping isn't an option. It's time to sort your website out!

The starter for ten post

For the absolute beginner SEO can seem daunting. Sure enough some of the topics can seem a bit techy, a bit involved and more then a little impenetrable. As this blog grows I'll investigate and explain all the many facets of SEO but as a starter for ten here are some basic steps that, done correctly, will have a real impact on the way your website performs in the search engines.
So, here's a simple step by step guide to the basics.
  1. Research your market and research the keywords and phrases people who would buy from you are typing into search engines. For this use tools like Wordtracker. Weave the keywords and phrases into your content and use the phrases that are the most important as keywords in your URL's. For example if you find people search for 'cheap blue widgets' and you sell these you might create a page of content about cheap blue widgets with the URL These are known as Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL's.
  2. Use your keywords and phrases in your page's HTML TITLE TAG.
  3. Write a short synopsis of your page and put this in the META DESCRIPTION TAG. Google will often use the META DESCRIPTION as the snippet of info it displays in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's).
  4. Moving on to the page content. Use HTML H1 TAGs to describe the main content area. For example if your page of content is about our Blue Widgets make sure Blue Widgets is given an H1 TAG at the start of the content.
  5. Make your navigation easy to use. Avoid JavaScript, Flash etc if possible. You can create fantastic navigation effects with simple Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) commands.
  6. Use a sitemap. A sitemap will let the search engines find every bit of content on your site.
  7. Tell Google about your sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools.
  8. Install Google Analytics (or similar) to see how people are using your site.
  9. Establish links to your website from other complimentary websites. Try to avoid simple reciprocal links (although these are easier to secure) as 'you link to me, I'll link to you' doesn't really cut with the guys at the Googleplex. Link building is very important and not easy, you will have to set some serious time aside to do this.
  10. Sort your canonicals out!
OK, that should get you heading in the right direction. Don't underestimate the time needed to carry out SEO. There are NO SHORTCUTS and any offers to get you to the top of Google for thirty bob and a fried fish will be a SCAM, don't fall for it, you have been warned.

SEO Link Building Techniques

SEO Link Building Techniques

It's no secret Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages. If a web page attracts links from other pages Google's algorithm, the software it uses to rank pages and decide which page is number one for a search result, increases the importance of a page.
Page A loves Page B

Anatomy of a Link

The most common analogy of a link is to liken it to a vote. If page A links to page B then page A is suggesting page B is a good page, page A likes page B. The only slight complication is the nofollow tag. In a nutshell the nofollow tag allows links to be added to a page that create a click-able link to another page without the link passing a vote. These are used for text link adverts for example where they will send traffic to another page without passing a vote.
I'm not going to go into any more detail on the nofollow tag here but I'd strongly advise reading the WikiPedia page for an in depth explanation. In short if you want to link from a page on your site to a page on another site without inferring any kind of endorsement use the nofollow tag.

Why Links Are Important

Having established links are like votes it's not too hard to understand why links are important. Just like a politician wins an election by securing more votes than other candidates, web pages secure the first position in a search result by securing more votes than other pages. However, unlike a political election where all votes are equal, where search engines are concerned this isn't the case, and this is where most of the confusion arises.
Group Links

Why Links Are Not All Equal

In order to explain this further I'm going to stick with the voting analogy and expand on it. When thinking about links as votes it's useful to consider the term block vote or block voting. Most commonly associated with unions a block vote infers upon one person the voting rights of all members of an organisation. Let's say there are 4 people in a room each representing one group of people.
A proposal is put before the group and Mr Smith, Mr Jones and Ms Samson all vote in favour with Mrs Collins voting against. On the face of it that's 3 in favour 1 against and the proposal would be carried. However, Mrs Collins represents a group of 5000 people, 500 more than the number represented by Mr Smith, Mr Jones and Ms Samson so in fact, the motion isn't carried, it's defeated by 5000 votes to 4500.
This is pretty much the same as the way links work. Simply put links carry different voting rights and it's perfectly possible for a page with only 3 or 4 links to rank higher than a page with several hundred or even several thousand links. It's this aspect of link building that's so badly misunderstood and the reason there's a whole industry offering to build links on the basis of X number of links for Y number of dollars.

How To Secure the Right Kind of Links

There are some people who will argue any link is worth having, they may be right. However, given that we now understand links don't all carry the same weight it should be clear that securing links that carry a lot of weight will have a much bigger impact on your web pages than links carrying little or no weight. So how can you secure links that carry weight? Simple, create something worth linking to! The problem is this isn't simple, it's hard. It requires thought, planning, research, creativity and hard work and because of this most people revert to link spam.
Link Spam

Link Spam

The vast majority of link building companies operate by creating link spam. In simple terms they create links from places such as forums, link farms, directories, blogs, hubs, social bookmarks and an ever increasing number of other ways. There are also hundreds of article directories who, unlike EzineArticles accept low quality auto spun articles in exchange for a link. If you believe all that matters is link quantity you really are spoiled for choice and there are thousands of companies who will build you a set number of links for a set fee.
In order to allow you to make an informed decision let's look at some of the more common link building techniques and discuss why they may not be worth the effort.
  • Forums - The most common link building techniques using forums are to create a profile page and a signature link. Signature links allow links to be created at the bottom of posts or comments you leave in a forum. Signature links are at best very low quality and although they may send you some traffic are unlikely to have any long lasting impact on the pages you link to. This is because these links are not merit based, as is the case with all link spam methods, and it's accepted the search engines are getting better at ignoring these links and assigning them no value.
  • Link farms - These are employed by many link building companies. A link farm can often have a vast number of websites and web pages within it, all under the control of the link building company. By building a link farm link building companies are able to offer a set number of links for a set fee as they have plenty of web real estate on which to build the links. The problem with link farms is they can be discovered by the search engines and when they are, the links within them will cease to have any positive impact on the sites they link to. There are a number of variations on this theme including a technique where link building companies buy pages within legitimate websites in an attempt to appear credible.
  • Directories - These are useful and can create links carrying some value in the sense of attracting traffic to your website. But, in another sense, they are a form of spam; and, as with other spam techniques, links from directories are generally not merit based and as such rarely carry any weight in terms of helping to increase your ranking. There are, however, some notable exceptions such as the DMOZ directory and Yahoo.
  • Hubs - These are pages created on services such as Squidoo. In theory Squidoo hub pages or lenses as they are called by this particular service are a great idea and allow people to create pages about something they care about. Sadly the spammers have also realised it's an easy way to create pages for link building so it's a fair assumption using hubs such as this won't have any lasting or hugely positive impact on your website.
  • Blogs - Often referred to as SPLOGS (spam blogs) blogs are a favourite haunt of link spammers. They seek out blogs in the hope of leaving a comment and associated link to their client's website. Again these are not merit based unless the blog is actively managed by its owner and popular blog software such as Wordpress automatically nofollow links in comments anyway. This makes the links of little value other than the small amount of web traffic they can generate unless your comment is accepted on a high traffic popular blog.
  • Social bookmarks - In their early days social bookmarking sites may have been a source of valuable links but the link spammers have put an end to that. Most of the credible bookmarking sites (Digg, Sphinn etc) recognised their platforms were being abused by link spammers and as a result they nofollow links to deter them.
We could go on looking at the methods and platforms used by link spammers but by now you should be building a general picture. Link spammers generally create links that are not merit based and as such the links you buy from them may work for a while but ultimately will stop working. It may take weeks for them to stop working (days in extreme cases), it may take months and occasionally it will take years but eventually they will stop working as the search engines become better at filtering out the spammy links from the merit based ones.
It may be worth employing a link building company who use the techniques outlined above but if you do you must be aware that you are potentially building your house on sand, which is seldom a good plan.
Buying Links

Buying Links

There are many ways of buying links. Again you can employ a link building company but you can also buy links directly from website owners. If you buy a link and the link is not nofollowed you are in direct contravention of Google's guidelines. In short if Google discover your purchased links your site may be removed from their directory. In general they will simply remove any value from the links you have bought rather than directly penalise you, however the effect can be the same.
So who buys links? Sadly many companies buy links and as with link building in general there's a whole industry offering links for sale on some impressive websites including many high profile mainstream household names! That said buying links can be very expensive with some organisations charging many thousands of pounds a year for a single link. To further compound this most link sellers require an ongoing payment in perpetuity to maintain the links you purchase. If you go down this route you need deep pockets and you will be running the gauntlet of the search engine spam teams.
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How to Identify A Good Link Target

The term link target simply means a web page you would like a link from. Setting aside link spammers, who see all links as equal, identifying a good link target is very simple. A good link target is a web page whose readers might be interested in the content of a page on your site. That's it.
Expanding on this you could argue a good link target is a web page with authoritywhose readers might be interested in the content of a page on your site, however this simply introduces a whole raft of complications that will see you mired in confusion. There are so many ways of establishing a site's authority, including Google's PageRank technology, SEOMoz's MosRank technology, TrustRank, Spam Signals and any number of other metrics that you should simply consider a page based purely on the simple rule offered above, would this page's readers be interested in my page.
If you adopt this philosophy with your link building work, you will build links that will send you valuable traffic whilst at the same time building your page's authority. It's a win win technique. Of course the link spammers will argue against this suggesting it's time consuming and difficult, and they would be right. These same experts will no doubt want to sell you their amazing technique for search engine domination. They will no doubt have discovered the secrets of building long lasting and effective links with minimum effort and only a few hundred dollars. But ask yourself this. If they have indeed found a fool proof way of building valuable links why are they not simply dominating the search results themselves and making a fortune from affiliate marketing?
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Do Link Building Systems Ever Work?

Yes. There's no doubt some people do discover methods for creating effective links fast and cheaply. There's also no doubt these methods are usually discovered by the search engines and they quickly cease to be effective. By the time you get access to these get rich quick schemes it's a safe bet the person who discovered it has made their money and are now squeezing a few more dollars out of it by selling the technique to you. As with most things in life there's no such thing as a free lunch and these schemes are best avoided.

Anatomy of the Perfect Link

If you are still reading this you should by now have a very clear picture of what a link is, why it's valuable, and why links are a necessary part of your on-line marketing mix. As this article concludes I want to outline the make up of a perfect link. The perfect link should:
  1. Send valuable traffic to your website
  2. Tell the search engines your site is an authority
Let's say there's a company called Dive Dorset Ltd. They offer diving holidays off the Dorset coast in South West England. Their holidays are unique and have featured on several TV programmes and articles about the company and their unique approach have appeared in several national newspapers. This has resulted in the company's website securing a number of top quality links, and Google often ranks them highly when people carry out diving related searches.
Dive Dorset
Your company, Diving Gear Specialists Ltdoffer great prices on diving equipment and you are trying to build links to your company website in order to increase its authority and the search traffic it receives. There are many websites selling diving equipment and there's no reason Dive Dorset Ltd should link to your site in particular. Calling them and asking for a link simply because you sell diving equipment is pointless, they probably get many such requests every week. They are more likely to offer to sell you a banner advert than give you a link and although a targeted banner advert can be very effective it won't help your search engine cause unless it's given a link directly to your site and the link isn't nofollowed. Such a purchased link could ultimately have a negative impact on your site and would clearly be in breach of Google's guidelines. A more creative approach is needed.
As Dive Dorset Ltd specialise in diving holidays off the Dorset coast you do some research. You establish the average water temperatures throughout the year. You establish the depth of some of the most popular dives, you source the most accurate charts of the coastal waters showing known wrecks and places of interest and you find some of Dive Dorset's YouTube videos of diving expeditions.
Using all this info you create the definitive guide to diving off the Dorset coast. You establish the best equipment based on the water temperature and dive depths, you showcase some of the best dives and you embed videos telling people about Dive Dorset Ltd and their superb diving holiday packages. Note you haven't actually linked to Dive Dorset Ltd from your newly created page even though you have mentioned them.
You now approach Dive Dorset Ltd and ask them for a link to your specialist page about diving off the Dorset coast. Reviewing the page they see the value of linking to it and bingo, you've secured a great link to your website from a diving authority site. The value of the link to your specialist page is passed to other pages in your website, for example the page selling the dive suit you recommended on your specialist page.
This is a simple example and it did require some work but the end result is a genuine quality link that will help to build your own site's authority.

In Conclusion

There are two clear paths to go down with respect to link building, link spam and merit based. It should be clear link spam will require less effort but won't build long lasting links where merit based requires more effort but builds links that will stand the test of time. The path you choose will depend on many factors not least of which the resources you have available and your appetite for building a business that will stand the test of time.
The search engines are continuously trying to purge their search results of pages employing link spamming techniques although it's clear they have a less than 100% success rate. The link building methods you adopt will depend on your view of how effective the search engines will be at detecting link spam in the future. If you believe they have the resources to overcome it you are left with no option but to build merit based links. If you believe as many do, that the search engines are fighting a losing battle then you might throw your hat in the ring with the link spammers.
Hopefully now you've read this article whichever route you choose you can make an informed choice. If you take nothing else away from it you should understand that links that require minimum effort will likely bring little benefit in the long term. Link building is a cause of much frustration even for SEO specialists and it's easy to see why so many spam techniques are employed. The web is awash with poor quality content created for no other reason than to create a link to poor quality websites that can't attract links based on merit. Indeed many website owners simply can't see a way of creating anything worth linking to on their sites and resort to link spam out of desperation. This author believes there's a better way and ultimately taking this road less travelled will create a website that will stand the business it represents well for the future.
Happy link building!

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